Sunday, August 18, 2013

Historical Fortnightly #17: Robes & Robings

For this challenge, I used a tablecloth I found at my favorite thrift store. The tablecloth is a light green/gold damask - 60% cotton/ 40% "many stars"- and oval. Given the shape, I thought it would work well for a late 15th C Florentine giornea. The giornea being the loose fitting overgown that you see in many 1490's paintings. A robe, by the English definition, is any loose fitted outer garment used in ceremonies or an elaborate evening dress. The giornea appears to fit both in a way given that you normally see it being worn by ladies who are participating in some sort of procession.

The first thing I did was mark where the center upper back should be. I then measured out 16" (8" on either side of the center green pin you see in the photo) and from there measured down 54" for the sides. Because of the curve of the tablecloth, the giornea was going to have a train no matter what. So, I just made sure the sides of the back piece were about an inch above the floor on me.

This is what the tablecloth looked like after I cut out the back piece. 

For the front pieces, I used the sides of the tablecloth.  Because of the curve of the tablecloth, I had to piece the hem as you'll see below.  I cut out armscyes in the front pieces for a better fit.

The giornea on the dummy mummy.  It doesn't look very full here because I don't have the gamurra done yet - that will be for the next historical fortnightly project.   The skirt of the gamurra will puff out the giornea.  
Side view!  The belt is one of the ones I wear at SCA/Renn Fest events.
The back looks crazy here because it's on the dummy mummy and not me.  Also, without the gamurra beneath it, it just doesn't look full even though it is. 
The front piecing!   It's just at the hem.


The Challenge: #17 Robes and Robings
Fabric: Cotton/Poly damask tablecloth
Pattern:  My own again! Hence the piecing... ;-)
Year:  1490's Florence
Notions: Cotton thread with a poly core
How historically accurate is it? On a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being last week where everything was hand sewn/hand embroidered and one being one of those Marie Antoinette Renaissance Steampunk gowns we all love to giggle about on ebay) I give it a 6. The cut is correct, piecing is period, and the damask pattern is correct as is the color of the fabric. However it is machine sewn and it does have "many star" fibers in it so that takes away a few points.
Hours to complete: 1 hour. Really, the hard part was getting the measurements right!
First worn: This weekend with my nephews, sister in law, and brother at the Renn Faire hopefully.
Total cost: $3.90


Edit: I've added some photos of the complete outfit. The skirt isn't nearly as full as I would like but that's because I was using a tablecloth and not a large amount of fabric. Still, for a grand total of $7.80, the entire outfit isn't that bad. The ribbon lacing and the lining were all stash.


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