Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Food related post

While the 1790's dress goes and sits in the corner to think about what it's done (currently known as laying across the ironing board), I started to think about what I wanted to snack on before moving on to my next project.  Unfortunately, it's the same thing I've wanted to eat for the past couple of weeks - smoked cheddar. 

I love smoked cheddar.  The kind I'd get at the Amish market was perfect with some smoked sausage on crackers.  I'd happily eat it up and it worked really well at SCA events. 

The problem?

I developed a dairy allergy in the past couple of years.  I won't go into the details of what happens - if you have ever had a serious case of food poisoning, imagine going through that for a good 3 days.   It's really that bad.  So, I need to avoid dairy.

Although I've talked some before about all things that have dairy in them (and how hard it is to explain to people that butter/yogurt/cream cheese are all dairy) what I haven't talked about it how much I still crave dairy.  There isn't a good vegan substitute for cow's milk cheese.  Strike that.  There isn't even a mediocre substitute for cheese.  I tried vegan cheese once and I will never make that mistake again.  It tasted like smooched up Bernie Bot's every flavor beans -and only the bad flavors.  It was supposed to be cheddar.

For butter, I've found some fabulous subs.  There is the expensive but oh my goodness perfect butter substitute from Under the Olive Tree.  Although regular olive oil will work too, this tastes too awesome.   There is also the coconut spread I've discussed before when you need not melted butter.  

For milk, I love almond milk.   Soy is okay too but I've really come to love almond milk.   It tastes great with cereal.  Plus, it has the added benefit of having about the same amount of fat as whole milk meaning it works perfectly in any recipe that calls for milk.   Oh, and it has more calcium. 

But cheese?   Nothing.  And I want cheese and crackers.  I can find perfectly fine vegan crackers that taste great - but not cheese.  

Some people have stated that at least I got to know what cheese tasted like but I truly believe ignorance is bliss on this subject.  If you've always been allergic to something, you have no idea what you are missing and don't want it when you are thinking about snacks or dinners.   I constantly want spaghetti- O's and cheese but the tomato allergy and dairy allergy (and even the minor corn allergy) tell me that I should only have that if I happen to be on Death Row.  This is why having allergies sucks. 


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